IEDR Optimise Fund - Helping small Irish businesses improve their online presence.

May 20, 2015

The IEDR e-Commerce Website Development Fund, OPTIMISE has been set up to provide Irish Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) or Micro Enterprises with a range of e-commerce supports.

The Optimise Fund is designed to help Irish small businesses improve their online presence and increase their use of e-commerce. The Fund was developed based on the key findings of research undertakes for the IE Domain Registry (IEDR) Domain Name Industry Report 2010 which showed that the Irish businesses were slow to harness the potential of the internet as a sales channel for their business.
In fact, only 66% of Irish businesses had any kind website by 2009 compared with 40% in 2000. Of those 66%, only 21% had ecommerce functionality, a marginal increase of just 3% on 2009.

If your website has a .ie domain, you are eligible to apply for the fund.  The OPTIMISE Fund provides recipients with tangible e-tools and features, consultation, training and e-commerce development support services to optimise their existing online presence..These supports allow the winners to begin the process of transforming their existing online presence. The OPTIMISE Fund works to help drive the winning websites into fully featured, transactional offerings which are designed around their specific business needs and requirements.

You can apply here. If you need some assistance filling in the form, feel free to give us a buzz and we can guide you through the questions! CLOSING DATE IN FRIDAY 29TH MAY SO DON’T DILLYDALLY!

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