Facebook Insights. Understanding Facebook's Best Business Tool.

July 02, 2015

We’re touched briefly on Facebook Insights in previous blogs and now we want to dig a bit deeper into Facebook’s great tool for business pages. This will be an overview and in future blogs we’ll drill into each subsection so you can be sure you’re getting the most from the tool.

Where can I find my page Insights? You’ll find the Insights Tab along the top of your business page as shown in the image below. Simply click here and you’ll be brought to your Insights.

Facebook Insights

What does each section of my Insights mean. What data does it include? You will see 7 sections here. We’ll do a quick overview of each tab and go into more detail in future blogs.

  • Overview

The Overview tab gives you the most important data about your page at a glance, including new page likes, post reach, and engagement for the last 7 days.Below, you’ll see data about your most recent page posts, including the type of post (link, photo, etc.), targeting, reach, clicks, and engagement (likes, comments, and shares) alongside option to Boost your post.insights1



This tab will give a quick idea of how your page is performing. You should check this at least once daily.

  • Likes

This tab shows you 3 main things:

  1. Total Likes on your page with a graph to illustrate growth
  2. Net Likes per day which is you daily new likes less your daily unlikes on your page. A graph is included here also.
  3. Where your Likes happened. This tells you where people Liked your page e.g., on mobile, on your page or via page suggestions.


  • Reach

This tab shows how much reach your Facebook posts have received from organic and paid sources. You can get a breakdown of actions such as likes, comments, and shares on your Facebook posts. You also can get a breakdown of negative actions such as the number of times your posts have been hidden, reported as spam, or caused someone to unlike your page. Finally, you’ll see your total reach from any activity related to your page, including posts, posts by others about your page, ads, mentions, and check-ins.

  • Visits

This is where you can see the areas of your Facebook page that people visit most, including your timeline, info, and photos tabs. If you have other tabs set up on your page such as ‘Videos’, ‘Events’  etc then these insights will come in useful. If you have social media buttons set up on external pages such as a blog or your website, then you will also like this tab which shows you:

  1. Page and Tab Visits – The number of times each of your Page tabs was viewed.
  2. External Referrers – The number of times people came to your Page from a website outside of Facebook and how they found the page, eg Google, Bing.
  • Posts

The Posts tab will show you when your fans are online. This will help you choose when to schedule your posts for maximum reach. It can tell you the success of different post types based on average reach and engagement. You can also view Top Posts from pages you ‘watch’ These should be the pages of your competitors, local, national and international.

  • Videos

The Videos tab gives you a break down of how well your video posts are performing.

  • People

The People Tab has 3 sections:

  1. Your Fans
  2. People Reached
  3. People Engaged

Your Fans gives a break down of the demographics of your fanbase, age, gender, location etc. People Reached shows you who is seeing your posts based on age, gender and location. People Engaged tells you the people who have liked, commented on or shared your posts, or engaged with your Page, in the past 28 days.


In future blogs, we’ll discuss these sections in further detail explaining how you can get the most out of these stats and how to use them to increase your Reach.

Keep an eye out for these. They’ll be posted regularly on the iCandy Facbook page.

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